Here's some background and lyrics for the bonus tracks included on the Prufrock CD.

• We Watch the Stars

This was a song Tony released earlier in 2015 on his downloadable solo album Too Little, Too Late. Scott made some minor alterations and did a new mix for the Prufrock CD.

I hold your hand
It feels so cold
It's only time that passed and I was once so bold

I hold your hand
I touch your heart
I find it hard to understand we're so apart

We close our eyes and now we see
The things we could not understand will set us free

We watch the stars
We search the skies
We are alone
Among the stars

We look for truth with jaded eyes
We fall into the memories keeping us apart
We search the skies
We watch the stars
We fall into the distance keeping us apart

I watch the stars
I search the skies
I am alone
Among the stars

The balance of the bonus tracks are from our 1985 vinyl LP At the Door (pictured on the left sidebar). The recovered master tapes weren't flawless, but good enough, and some subsequent remastering has improved the sound overall. We're still hoping to recover the masters for the rest of the songs, or we may go back and try to remix them from the original multi-tracks. One way or another, hopefully someday there will be a way to hear those songs other than vinyl! But for now we offer these…

Out of the Blue

There's time to be restless, there's time to be tame
There's time to be leaving, there's time to stay
All had been offered, we take what we will
Rewards so much greater, and fears greater still

There's time meant for no one and time meant for all
There's time meant for waiting to hear others call
Dreams of the future from dreams of the past
The planned and the random revealed at last

They planted the seeds and oh! how they grew
The signs all around us and yet no one knew
The fact that they chose us sheds light on the truth
They're coming to get us…

The lives of our children will not be the same
We'll always remember the day that they came
Out of the Blue

They're not one of me, they're not one of you
They've something to tell us, they've some kind of news
And now they approach us, they come into view
They're coming to get us…

• The Headless Horseman (instrumental)

• London: 1941

Voices crowd around my ears
Torn from their bodies as they fall
And sorrow drowns my eyes with tears
I cover my head but still hear them call

Through white flames the sirens scream
Beyond them hear the mountains cry
Awoken from my troubled dreams
They tell me I am still alive

No! They'll never take me from my London!

As our youngest soldiers die
And the blood adorns the aprons of our women
Hear them cry

Angel voices haunt the night
And find the path to where I lie
And cry out "Fool! It's time to go!"
And life becomes just a word

• An Age Old Recipe

An old man raised his eyes
Finding a wish in a hat
He wished for youth, and searched for a young lad
So's he could make a trade of the flesh

A young man strolling by
Had caught the old man's eye
And in a flash, the wish came true
The old man in a body quite new

I am a young man again
I will evade age, my friend

The old man didn't know
The sorrow didn't show
On the face of the young man now old

And as he turned away
He heard the young man say
"My face is caught by the law!"

I am a free man again
This age is now my disguise
No one will know till my demise

The old man smiled and tipped his hat
As the constable caught his young friend
Oh, what an end for such an old young man
"My age shows nothing of what I am!"

• Wasted Moments

Why do I try to get through
When all gates have closed on me
A last attempt
Day after day, useless words
Wasted moments, I could cry
You'd love that, wouldn't you?

I live each day for you
Forever loving you
What else could I do?
But now you turn away
My love has been betrayed
Oh, what's it to you?

You say you still love me with innocent eyes
I'd like to believe it but love makes you wise

The more you try to hide it
The more you show it
The more I try to deny it
The more I know it

Run, you can run to your friend near and far
Crying to them about you and me
But even they know what's been going on
You've been fooling us all much too long

Still I must try to get through
So deep is my love for you
Is that so strange?
I wish I could forget you
'Cause I know deep down
You're laughing all the while
You kill with a smile

• Love Sleep

She smiles, she dreams
She wonders how it's going to be
She thinks -
knows that it's going to be grand
Once wed
Fulfilling her childhood dreams
She cries
His love will come sweep her away

They're going to have a dream house
A couple of kids and a boat on the lake
A lifetime filled with good, good loving
Who would believe that she would make
Such a mistake

Here's your dream house
It's made of clay
Over the years the laughter fades away
Where love blossomed light from dark
Now left lonely, barren, cold and stark

It was so good at the start
Now all of their dreams have fallen apart
Where love once stood, empty words
How could such a tragedy occur?

Once she smiled
She wondered how it was to be
She thought she knew
It was going to be grand
Once wed
Fulfill all her childlike dreams
She cries now only in pain
Of what might have been
As now she's awakened from sleep
Love' sleep
Wake up my dear lovlling
Before it's too late