Prufrock Cover MAIN
2016 CD release (click here to purchase)


the 16-song
Prufrock suite plus 7 bonus tracks, including 6 songs from our 1985 vinyl release At The Door, available on CD for the first time

A Far Cry

heresy Far Cry

1989 CD double-album release (click here to purchase)


The Legend of the Albatton
Please Don't Let Me Go
Night and Day
Chalkin' It Up
No More Room Inside
My Garden
Best Shot
Vacuum Cowboys
Dragons of the Lost Platoon
Calling Card
The Road to Armageddon
White Nights of Wonder
Crying For You
Take Me Home
Where I Should Be
Charge of the Life Brigade
No One's Home

At The Door


1985 vinyl release (click here to purchase)


Spy Vs. Spy
London: 1941
Wasted Moments
An Age Old Recipe
Love Sleep
Out of the Blue
Hungry Spiders
Never Knowing
The Headless Horseman
At the Door